Our Mission

"Our Mission is to bring people to salvation through Jesus and Christlike maturity through Active Membership, Appropriate Ministry, and Applied Mission." 

This statement was adopted by the elders of First Christian Church in an effort to simply communicate what they believe to be the Biblical purpose of the church and method of fulfilling that purpose.  It is a paraphrase of the words spoken by Jesus (Matthew 28: 19-20) where He instructed us to make disciples (bring people to salvation through Jesus) and teach them to obey all that He had commanded (bring people to Christlike maturity).

Active Membership

We evaluate ourselves on this point by asking the question: Am I a member who is actively participating in Worship and Sunday School or a Bible Study?  If we are to grow to maturity in our faith we must learn more of what Jesus wants of us through study of His Word and grow closer to Him through reflection on all He has done for us.  Both of these goals are accomplished primarly through Worship, Sunday School, and Bible Studies.  Meeting on a regular basis to study and grow is expected of all Christians.  It is necessary for our own spiritual well-being and is an encouragement to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (Hebrews 10:25).

Appropriate Ministry

On this point it is important to ask ourselves this question:  Am I serving the church in an area which is appropriate for me, an area where I have talent?  We all have different gifts and abilities which are to be used for the glory of God and the growth of His Church.  We work and serve others out of gratitude for what Jesus has done and a desire to share Him with others (Romans 12:6).

Applied Mission

Finally we must grow to the point where we can answer the following question with a "yes."  Am I helping in some way to bring people to salvation and Christlike maturity?  At some point in our Christian lives we must realize that fulfilling the mission of the church is not just the responsibility of the preacher or the church, but as a member of Christ's Church, it is my personal responsibility.  We must apply the church's mission to our own lives.  This brings us back to Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus' final command before He ascended back to heaven.




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